Advanced Surgery

Our advanced surgery portfolio includes a wide range of surgical consumables such as sutures, surgical needles, ligating clips, hemostats, meshes, surgical staplers and surgical gloves including anti-microbial gloves.

Our diverse range of Hernia meshes are engineered to specifically meet the diverse needs of surgeons. We also offer a range of Haemostats that can be used for mild, moderate and diffused bleeding. Our products come with global accreditations like USFDA, CE and ISO

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Infection Prevention Range

Our anti-bacterial portfolio includes medicated bath wipes, IV cannula fixation dressings, hand hygiene solutions and anti-microbial textiles that offer protection from Hospital acquired infections. Made to guidelines from WHO,FDA,CDC and other international regulatory bodies, these provide persistent anti microbial protection from nosocomial infections.

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Surgical Needles

Our surgical needles including channel type, drilled-end, eyed and specialty needles, are manufactured using specialized steel alloys. We have a wide range of needles with 30,000 SKUs, ranging from 120 to 1,800 micron diameter, with a variety of curvatures and points, to address specific needs of surgeons.

Our needles are used across a wide variety of tissue types and in surgical applications such as general surgery, cardio-vascular, ophthalmic, dental, plastic, neurosurgery, veterinary and other applications.

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Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care

We provide an extensive range of advanced wound care and infection prevention products including Dressings, Film and tapes for surgical and chronic wounds. The products support wound healing using technology that combines infection prevention, exudate management, non-leaching and non-adherence properties.

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Tubular Bandages and Tapes

We have a range of Tubular bandages and tapes used for dressing, wet and dry wrapping and providing light support for muscle damage or joint support. We also have a wide portfolio of clinical tapes for use with support bandages or direct to skin contact.

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Our Urology portfolio includes indwelling and intermittent catheters and collection devices like Leg bags, urine meters and sterile and non- sterile night bags, used to help manage incontinence and other urological conditions arising out of disease or post-surgery. Our contracts with the NHS give us access to the NHS hospital network where the patient journey with us commences when our products are utilized in the hospital wards. We have a strong presence in the local community formulary listings ensuring the patient continues to have access to our urology products through repeat prescription. We hold a DAC license which enables us to provide our products to patients through home care delivery, after they have been discharged from the hospital.

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Our arthroscopy portfolio includes a wide range of implants and equipment to help treat soft tissue conditions in the shoulders and the knees such as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, posterior cruciate ligament injuries, other ligament repair and reconstruction and meniscal repair. We have designed and developed our arthroscopy portfolio in-house and sell our arthroscopy products under the ‘Sironix’ brand.

Our wide range of shoulder anchors are made of advanced absorbable and non-absorbable materials to address shoulder ailments and our range of knee and meniscal implants use advanced biomaterials to address knee ailments.

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