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We provide an extensive range of wound closure products which include surgical sutures, staplers, umbilical cotton tape and tissue adhesives. Our comprehensive range of sutures include Absorbable Sutures, Non-absorbable Sutures and Specialty Sutures such as Anti-microbial Coated Sutures, CV Sutures, Steel Sutures, Cardiac Pacing Wires and Plastic Surgery Sutures.

Our diverse range of Hernia meshes are engineered to specifically meet the needs of surgeons and physicians and come IPOH approvals. We also offer a range of Haemostats that can be used for mild, moderate and diffused bleeding. Our products come with 510k (USFDA), CE and ISO approvals.

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We provide a wide range of consumables including surgical powder-free gloves, catheters, bandages, garments & surgical tapes. We have acquired expertise by working closely with Healthcare Professionals and we anticipate the evolving needs of the Healthcare Industry.

Our consumables are designed with precision in fit and calibration. Our gloves are created keeping in mind perfect fitment, ease in gripping and resistance to tear. Our comprehensive Truflon CVC kit, catheters and medical tapes are widely used across the world.

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At Sironix, we aspire to empower surgeons through innovative solutions and patented designs, enabling better clinical outcomes to help patients return to their sports careers and resume active lifestyles. Our Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy implants are known for their innovative designs and precision deployment which facilitate secure repairs. All our implants are developed in association with Arthroscopic surgeons aimed at addressing the pain points of existing therapies.

Our Endoscopy portfolio includes a comprehensive range of Hemorrhoidal staplers, circular staplers, Linear cutters, Linear staplers and Endo cutters.

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With many years of experience in healthcare, Clinisupplies is among the UK’s leading providers of medical devices. Specialising in continence and urology, Clinisupplies believe in making a real difference to customers’ lives and to the wider health system by being committed to excellence and sustainability.

The range includes a host of everyday solutions such as intermittent and indwelling catheters and a variety of other supporting products which have all been designed to be clean and simple for their customers.

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