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Project Spoorthi
Project Spoorthi

Objective: To improve the quality of life of adolescent girls by increasing school retention and delaying the age at which they are married by using a community-centred peer role model approach.

Impact: 640 role model girls from 51 villages are mentoring a total of 284 groups consisting of 2912 peer girls, who are now being groomed.

Kangaroo Mother Care

Objective: Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) comprises of skin-to-skin contact along with exclusive breastfeeding as a ‘game-changer’ for improving the health of newborns with low birth weight.

Impact: 486 babies were reported out of which 280 were eligible for KMC. 8 or more hours of skin-to-skin contact and exclusive breastfeeding were administered.

Project Lung Care
Project Lung Care

Objective: Partnering with the Lung Care Foundation for initiatives aimed at improving lung health across 10+ cities – e.g. Lung Cancer Awareness and Diagnosis Camps, Air Pollution Reduction and Clean Air Initiatives.

Impact: 10+ Doctors for Clean Air Chapters, 100+ Lung Health Camps, and 20+ Student Awareness Program reaching 1 Million+ people.

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