AbGelTM is an absorbable surgical gelatin sponge, widely used as a haemostatic in abdominal,dental, ENT, gynaecological, neuro and onco surgeries.

Now as a part of Healthium, it comes to you with a promise of an assured team, widespread distribution and seamless availability.


  • Manufactured from highly purified neutral gelatin with hemostatic capabilities
  • Designed to control blood oozing in instances of haemorrhage from multiple small vessels
  • Completely absorbed in 4 to 5 weeks with no residue or encapsulation
  • Non-toxic, non-allergic, non-immunogenic and non-pyrogenic




Regular Size : BOX OF TWO PIECES 80 X 50 X 10mm. EACH APPROX

Export Size : BOX OF TWO PIECES 70 X 50 X 10mm. EACH APPROX

Gynaecological Size : BOX OF FOUR PIECES 80 X 25 X 7mm. EACH APPROX

Nasal Size : BOX OF FOUR PIECES 80 X 15 X 7mm. EACH APPROX

Dental Size : BOX OF TEN PIECES 20 X 20 X 7mm. EACH APPROX


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