Trushield™ Anti- Microbial

Trushield™ Anti- Microbial

Sterile disposable latex surgical gloves

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides 99.99% protection against microbes rate @ 30 minutes contact lasting up to 8 hours
  • Non leaching patented technology -  safe for patients, extended duration of action and less chance of bacterial resistance
  • Anatomical Shape-  proven fitment for Indian hand anatomy
  • Conforms to ASTM D 3577 & EN 455 Standards
  • 100% Inspected Gloves meeting AQL 1.5 Levels
  • Pre powdered with medical grade corn starch powder

Ordering Information:


 Code No  Description
 TSHIELD60  TRUSHIELDTM- Anti Microbial Gloves- Size 6.0
 TSHIELD70  TRUSHIELDTM- Anti Microbial Gloves- Size 6.5
 TSHIELD75  TRUSHIELDTM- Anti Microbial Gloves- Size 7.0
 TSHIELD75  TRUSHIELDTM- Anti Microbial Gloves- Size 7.5
 TSHIELD80  TRUSHIELDTM- Anti Microbial Gloves- Size 8.0


Box Packing:

  • 50 pairs/ Box
  • 500 pairs/ Case


-Sterilized by ethylene oxide

-Shelf life of 3 years.




US9566363B2 EP2981302B1 WO2014184640A1 CA2912124A1

*Patent owned by partner




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