Who We Are

Healthium Medtech Limited is a global medtech company focused on products used in surgical, post-surgical and chronic care. Our vision is to provide "Access to precision medtech for every patient, globally."
We operate across three key markets, India, UK and Rest of the World and our focus areas: advanced surgery, wound care and arthroscopy. One in five surgeries conducted globally uses a Healthium product as on 31st March, 2021.

As of Fiscal Year 2021, Healthium is:

  • The largest independent medical device company in India and second largest in the surgical consumables market in India.
  • The largest non-captive surgical needles manufacturer globally by volume.

Our Evolution

Experienced Management Driving Growth Acceleration

Started operations in


  • Building on Global Quality

    Suture manufacturer with focus on quality

  • FY 2002

    EC certification for absorbable and non-absorbable sutures.

  • FY 2006

    Received 1st Letter of approval from US FDA.

  • Gearing for Growth

    Business expansion through acquisitions.

  • FY 2016

    Acquired Clinisupplies Ltd.

  • FY 2017

    Acquired QNPL.

  • FY 2017

    Acquired the 1st patent in the name of our Company

  • Acceleration

    Focus on integrating platform, expanding market access and diversifying portfolio

  • 2018

    New Management Team.

  • FY 2020

    Initiated clinical trials to comply with EU MDR 2021.

  • FY 2021

    Filed 50th patent application in the name of our Company.

  • FY 2022

    Acquired VitalCare.

    Acquired the Abgel Gelatin sponge Business.

    Acquired CareNow Medical.

Our Global Presence

We have business across three key markets namely
India, UK and Rest of the world

Healthium exports its range of products to over 80 countries, including developed markets such as the US, UK, Germany and France, and developing markets in South America, Asia and Africa.
Healthium has extensive presence in the UK with contracts with NHS and listing on the UK Drug Tariff. It delivers directly to patients through its dispensing appliance contractor license (“DAC license”)
Healthium has India’s largest direct sales force amongst independent medical device manufacturers which covers 90% of all districts in India with secondary healthcare facilities, with over 40,000 surgeons in over 18,000 hospitals as on 31st March 2021.
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